Shooting Range

Our Awesome Airsoft Store in Manchester Tib Street has its own awesome 2 lane firing range. Coming up at 9.7 meters it's the perfect place to try out your new purchase, zero a sight or make adjustments to your hop up. With a state of the art pop-up light target system in which we hold contests and a paper target range for the casual shooter. 


Awesome airsoft also strives to provide a unique experience. We have public seasonal activities such as Pumpkin Shooting, Christmas Tree bauble shootouts and easter egg shooting. Fun for all the family. Ages 6 and upwards can make use of our range for either a private session or a 30 minute supervised session.

We also take bookings for events, parties and groups as a first dip into airsoft. Prices start from £5 per head.

To book the range out for a group please fill in the below form and we will get back to you with prices. Any additional information or requirements should be added into the comment box below.

Awesome Airsoft store 2 lane range

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