Stop Your Balls

Dropping Early!

Our Airsoft BBs Travel Further, Straighter and More Accurately

When you're all kitted out in the best clothing and gear, brandishing your proud weapon of choice, the last thing you want is Airsoft pellets that let you down - you don't always get a second shot.

Cheap, (and many well known branded), Airsoft pellets have air bubbles and impurities, so they don't fly as straight and are unpredictable. BBs that aren't perfectly spherical and highly polished, don't fly as far and are less accurate.

Our high precision Airsoft Ammo ticks all the boxes to give you the best BB performance every time. If you want to destroy the competition, (in the best possible way!), there's only one choice.

Photo: Close-up of Awesome Ammo BBs cut in half. No bubbles or impurities, extremely smooth and spherical, (rough edges down to our cutting).

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