ASG / KWA M93R "Raffica" Gas Blowback Pistol

ASG / KWA M93R "Raffica" Gas Blowback Pistol


The pistol has a fold down fore grip post, allowing you to steady the weapon whilst firing in Burst mode. The sights of the weapon are highlighted with white dots, and the Pistol comes with a 32 round high capacity magazine. This gun is featured in many films and games and is perfect for those who need a side arm which puts down a large amount of fire such as Snipers or Shotgun Skirmishers.

A semi-auto and 3-shot burst firing pistol, the M93R II is based on the classic M9 models. Unlike the real steel version this Airsoft version also has a full-auto mode. Like the Classic M9, the M93R II has been upgraded with the new system blowback and metal slide. The pistol has a foldable front grip for better control.


Awesome Advice:

The M93R brings us all back to those Modern Warfare 2 days... Rust pistol only, dominating opponents. Why not re-live those glory days?
So the M93R says in the manual that it shoots Semi-automatic and 3 round burst. However, if you notice as you toggle between the modes there is a 3rd mode between the two. That 3rd mode is fully automatic.


Pro Points:

- 3 Fire selection modes

- Very reliable shooter.

- Front folding grip on an already robust and versatile gun.

- Scarily accurate replica.

- Extended mag means less reloading


Awesome Promise:

All of our airsoft RIF's will be Chronographed and tested before shipping to ensure they are UK law compliant.

We also perform a basic external and internal function check on all our RIF's.


UKARA and Two-Toning:

If you don't have a UKARA number (or other valid defence), you will have to choose a two-tone paint option which comes in five different colours, we offer this on any RIF we sell other than revolvers.

Simply add the “Two-Toning Service” item to the cart along with the RIF, for the UKARA number just enter "Two-Tone" and it will allow you to add it to the cart.

Two Toning can take an additional 2-4 days.

Please note the two-toning image is sprayed onto a WE G19 to display the colours. We use a standard set of colours to ensure you get the best quality.


Two-Tone Procedure:

To ensure your RIF is two-toned with the best possible quality we will disassemble the replica, prepare and prime the surface before painting. We spray 2 colour coats onto the replica before spraying a clear top coat onto the RIF and re-assembling it. We take the upmost care NOT to spray over any moving parts or sights.

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Barrel Length:


Mag. Capacity:

32 Rounds

Mag. Cost:


Hop up type:



92ms / 302fps




0.9 joule

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