Cybergun Officially Licensed FAMAS F1 EVO AEG with MOSFET

Cybergun Officially Licensed FAMAS F1 EVO AEG with MOSFET

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Overall, the FAMAS rifle is an extremely good starter package for any airsoft player looking to do a little of everything on the airsoft field.

Cybergun's fully licensed FAMAS airsoft rifle is an excellent replica of the latest generation FAMAS F1 series real steel rifle. The FAMAS Rifle is one of the forerunner Bullpup design rifles, a overhaul of the typical full-length rifle compacted down into a smaller, more effective package. Fielded by the French military, the real-steel version of this airsoft rifle saw widespread use with nearly 400,000 units produced. From muzzle to stock, this rifle was painstakingly designed over decades to be the first bullpup of its kind and was the basis for nearly all bullpups to come.

Starting at the muzzle end of the rifle, the barrel features a grenade support mock APAV-40 adjustment lug for mock APAV-40 grenades. The outer barrel in conjunction with this lug can also support some mock bayonets. Cybergun even went as far as to include the FAMAS adjustable grenade launcher sight in front of the charging handle. An integrated bipod is quickly deployable for switching between assaulting and supporting fire. The handguard serves a dual purpose: acting as a battery compartment that easily holds 9.6v nunchuck and brick style NiMH batteries, as well as sports a picatinny rail for attaching aftermarket accessories such as grips. The oversized trigger guard accommodates gloves when shooting as well. A dual-function safety physically blocks the trigger to help prevent accidentally firing the rifle, and also rotates out of the way when playing. Rotating the safety slightly past 90 degrees releases the locking mechanism on the handguard and battery compartment. The carry handle on the top of the rifle holds multiple sets of sights, including an integrated front sight is easily adjusted from side to side to correct/adjust for wind, indirect fire flip up rear sight, and long/medium/CQB range adjustable rear sight. The carry handle is also made to support an aftermarket Cybergun weaver/picatinny rail mount (part number PS-403001) for adding scopes, red dots, or other optics. The ergonomic pistol grip has a flip-down door that allows small items to be stored within the grip.

Behind the pistol grip a 300 BB High Capacity Magazine snaps into an individually serialized magazine well. The cheek rest is ambidextrous and when removed reveals the easily adjustable hop-up dial. A safe, semi-auto, and fully automatic fire selector is on the bottom of the buttstock. The rubberized butt plate is texturized to prevent slipping from your shoulder when on the run and under fire and has two metal strap-style sling rings. This rifle comes packaged with a high capacity magazine.


Awesome Advice:

The straight magazine takes some getting used to however the bullpup design and well-made RIF means it's accuracy out of the box is really impressive. With a set of flip-up sights as well as iron sights this RIF can even compete on the field against DMR's. The MOSFET is a fun addition allowing burst fire mode, or full auto when the trigger is held.


Pro Points:

- Nice and unique.

- Versatile MOSFET system.

- Very accurate.

- High Capacity Magazine makes it good for beginners who don't like reloading.

- Fold down bipod included by design.


Awesome Promise:

All of our airsoft RIF's will be Chronographed and tested before shipping to ensure they are UK law compliant.

We also perform a basic external and internal function check on all our RIF's.


UKARA and Two-Toning:

If you don't have a UKARA number (or other valid defence), you will have to choose a two-tone paint option which comes in five different colours, we offer this on any RIF we sell other than revolvers.

Simply add the “Two-Toning Service” item to the cart along with the RIF, for the UKARA number just enter "Two-Tone" and it will allow you to add it to the cart.

Two Toning can take an additional 2-4 days.

Please note the two-toning image is sprayed onto a WE G19 to display the colours. We use a standard set of colours to ensure you get the best quality.


Two-Tone Procedure:

To ensure your RIF is two-toned with the best possible quality we will disassemble the replica, prepare and prime the surface before painting. We spray 2 colour coats onto the replica before spraying a clear top coat onto the RIF and re-assembling it. We take the upmost care NOT to spray over any moving parts or sights.

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Barrel Length:


Gearbox Type:

Ver 1 Full Metal


Long Type


Inline Wired w/ burst fire

Mag. Capacity:

300 Rounds (High Cap)

Mag. Cost:


Hop up type:







1.0 joule

Recommended Battery:

9.7v Small Butterfly (Small Tamiya connection)

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