Dan Wesson 715 6" Revolver Silver Low Power CO2

Dan Wesson 715 6" Revolver Silver Low Power CO2


Even when rules, regulations or safety concern put limits on firepower, the Dan Wesson 715 will impress with its precision mechanics, perfect grip and solid feel. Add to this an adjustable hop-up for long range shooting and you have a field legal Dan Wesson 715 that stands out as one of the finest Airsoft guns on the marked.

Includes a speed loader and six cartridges.


Awesome Advice:

Unlike the majority of revolvers this Dan Wesson 715 is already low power meaning it is skirmish able out of the box. Inside the box you will find a Speed loader to help with reloading. The trigger pull is very smooth and double action and unlike the majority of revolvers this has a built in adjustable hop up. Also comes standard with an upgraded moonclip compatible drum to allow use of the much faster reloading with a moon clip.


Pro Points:

- No tool needed to load CO2, the handle has a built in Allen key.

- Hop up allowing longer range.

- Very CO2 efficient shooting around 200 BB's per canister.

- Extremely cheap to run.

- Can be upgraded with a rail system and a various accessories (Sold Separately)

- Full metal 1:1 replica.

- Loud unique high pitched sound as it resonates from the barrel.

- Moon clips allow much faster competitive reloading.

- Are ya feeling lucky... Punk?


Awesome Promise:

All of our airsoft RIF's will be Chronographed and tested before shipping.

In the case of an EAG the recommended battery will be used at full charge for our chrono.

We also perform a basic external and internal check on all our RIF's.


UKARA and Two-Toning:

Unfortunately we cannot two-tone revolvers, sorry!

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Barrel Length:


Mag. Capacity:

6 Rounds

Mag. Cost:

£15 - 30

Hop up type:







1 joule

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