Dan Wesson 715 Moon Clip Set 12 Rounds Low Power

Dan Wesson 715 Moon Clip Set 12 Rounds Low Power


The new Dan Wesson Moon clip system is the only way to go. It is derived from real steel and is faster than the ‘speedloader’ and at least 6 times faster than regular loading of the single cartridges. The obstacle for using the Dan Wesson revolver in airsoft gaming has been the BB/cartridge reload time and handling the empty cartridges, but those days are over – the Moon clip system of reloading is not only very fast but also fun to do. 


Using Moon clips is faster and easier than using a speedloader – the moon clip is one unit which goes in and stays in, so you don’t have to do anything with an empty speedloader after you’ve reloaded. When you eject the empty cartridges it is still in one unit which easily goes back onto the Moon clip belt holder for storage.


So revolutionize your Dan Wesson revolver with the ‘Dan Wesson Moon clip’ system


All Dan Wesson revolvers sold on Awesomeairsoft.com came standard with an upgraded Moon Clip barrel allowing use of this revolutionary system.

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Mag. Capacity:

6 Rounds

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