E&L Airsoft 120 Mid Cap Box of 5 AK Magazine

E&L Airsoft 120 Mid Cap Box of 5 AK Magazine


Accurately replicating the design features of the AK74's iconic original, early-era polymer magazines, these Airsoft magazines are constructed from a lightweight, durable 2-part Polymer shell, in a vivid rust-like orange colour. Designed to fit E&Ls range of AK74 based AEG replicas, this magazine fits firmly into the Airsoft guns magwells and locks solidly in place. As a 120rnd midcap, this magazine is loaded from the top, using a speedloader. Airsoft BB ammunition is loaded directly into the Airsoft gun from the magazines feed tube, there is no need to wind the magazine, and consequently the magazine is silent. Unlike hi-cap magazines, this magazine doesnt rattle. Whether you're new to Airsoft or are a long-term veteran skirmisher, this bundle is a hassle-free way to ensure that you always have a healthy stockpile of Airsoft ammunition ready to hand in-game.

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Mag. Capacity:

120 Rounds

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