Modify Quantum Gear Set DSG

Modify Quantum Gear Set DSG


The Modify Quantum Double Cycle Gear Set is an extremely advanced set up and should only be attempted by an expert technician. The Quantum Double Cycle gear set features a set of teeth of either side of the sector gear which allows two shots per gear cycle, essentially doubling your rate of fire. The Quantum Double Cycle Gear set uses a half-cycle cut-off system which is able to retain semi-automatic fire which is usually very tricky to pull off with a short stroke style system. The sector clip on this gear system is shaped in such a way to delay the release of the tappet plate to avoid any feeding malfunctions.


Modify recommends that this setup should only be used with a 363mm inner barrel or shorter due to the reduced air compression that the short stroke system produces.



  • Two sector design allows double cycle, two shots per gear cycle
  • Half cycle cut-off system retains semi-auto functionality
  • Two sector gear is constructed from high tensile strength steel powder metalurgy
  • Shape optimized sector clip delays the releasing time of the tappet plate, reduces BB feeding issues
  • Two sector gear is compatible with modify speed, Modify Torque and standard gear sets

Professional installation recommended, Awesome Airsoft can not be held liable for any damages caused by use of upgrade components.

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