Tokyo Marui M40A5 U.S.M.C. Spring Sniper

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New from Tokyo Marui is the U.S.M.C. (United States Marine Corps) M40A5 Bolt Action Spring Sniper Rifle.

The M40 series used by the US Marine Corps is based off the Remington M700 Sniper Rifle. Among them, the M40A5 is equipped with a thermal vision mount to greatly enhance night time shooting ability.


The A5 features an ergonomic tactical polymer stock and magazine design, and Marui have expertly recreated this. Just like the real M40A5, the replica stock features a height adjustable cheek pad and length variable stock with butt pad inserts, allowing users to modify the adapt the rifle to fit their ergonomic needs.

Due to a new internal feed design, Marui have been able to realistically locate the magazine; it fits exactly where it should on the real M40. The alloy outer barrel is accurate to the real A5 type, featuring an external thread to allow the installation of suppressors, flash eliminators and other muzzle devices.

The controls feature new Marui design features, creating an incredibly authentic experience; a functional cocking indicator alerts users to the state of the chamber, the bolt is a short stroke type and the trigger pack is fully adjustable for pressure and length of pull - allowing users to adapt it to their needs.

This is probably one of the most realistic Airsoft sniper rifles available on the market. If you're looking for a high quality and comprehensively realistic replica, then this latest offering from Marui ticks all the boxes.


Awesome Advice:

As with most Marui snipers the out of the box accuracy on this RIF is decent at range. The large array of aftermarket upgrades allow for a truly unique sniper. Most snipers end up custom rebuilding the rifle to match the playstyle of the individual. 2 Sling mounts points on the RIF and plenty of rail space including a universal sniper bipod mount. Out of the box the mag release has been extended to make it easier for those with gloves on and it has a magazine-out safety feature. The bolt is designed to be a short stroke bolt meaning less room to travel to cock the RIF, glass like smooth out of the box.


Pro Points:

- Extended mag release makes reloading with gloves easy.

- 14mm CCW threaded outer barrel means a range of barrel accessories can be added aftermarket.

- Very long inner barrel for accuracy at range.

- Cheap to run since no battery or gas needed.

- Tokyo Marui superior quality, unparalleled internals out of the box and a range of upgrades as standard.

- Short bolt pull makes this sniper easy to operate.


Awesome Promise:

All of our airsoft RIF's will be Chronographed and tested before shipping.

In the case of an EAG the recommended battery will be used at full charge for our chrono.

We also perform a basic external and internal check on all our RIF's.


UKARA and Two-Toning:

If you don't have a UKARA you will have to choose a two-tone paint option which comes in five different colours, we offer this for any rifle or pistol we sell. Simply add the two-tone option to the cart along with the rifle, for the UKARA number just enter "Two-Tone" and it will allow you to add it to the cart.

Two Toning can take an additional 2-3 days. This is due to our Two-Toning procedure.

Please note the two-toning image is sprayed onto a WE G19 to display the colours. We use a standard set of colours to ensure you get the best quality.


Two-Tone Procedure:

In order to ensure your RIF is two-toned with the best possible quality we will disassemble the replica. Prepare and prime the surface before painting. We spray 2 colour coats onto the replica before spraying a Matte top coat onto the RIF and re-assembling it. We take the upmost care NOT to spray over any moving parts or sights.



Mag. Capacity:

35 Rounds

Mag. Cost:

£22 - 45

Hop up type:





1.3 joule

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